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From my experience, when my girlfriend flies into the US, Canada, or Europe, she often gets 1-2 nights in a decent hotel covered by the airline.

Although this means I have to fly over and meet her in random cities, the benefit of having a place arranged and paid for is not to be dismissed.

I can understand how this is unsustainable to some, but I thrive on the thrill of meeting in foreign lands. Her airline announces her monthly schedule on the 24th or 25th the month prior, meaning it’s difficult to make plans if her stopover is less than a week away, on the 1st or 2nd.

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And because her airline flies to the Philippines, we both met in Manila a few weeks ago, her on standby, me using United miles from Honolulu.Many couples in a good place haven’t taken the time to travel together, and that’s a shame; it’s necessary to discover quirks about yourselves, and to see how well you can stand your partner when you can’t escape.Stopovers give you a full day or two with nothing but time together: meals, downtime, dating time, exercise, leisure activities. The fact remains that time isn’t really the deciding factor when it comes for men or women to date flight attendants, it’s money.My mind is still going from one feeling to another, but I focus on our last days together in Canada.We both celebrated with Sprinkles cupcakes and a visit to Niagara Falls, barely catching the bus back to Toronto.

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