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That charitable divestiture doesn’t mean Facebook’s CEO is going to give up his bully pulpit.

In fact, he proposed a stock structure that would allow him to maintain control of the company while selling off shares. For Zuckerberg to maintain his power and influence—and by extension, his ability to affect outcomes on a worldwide scale—it’s imperative to stay connected.2.

This list is not intended as a ranking based solely on earnings ups and downs or the fluctuations of a company’s work force, nor is it designed to chart executives’ progress—or lack thereof—year over year.

An executive’s standing in last year’s rankings largely does not figure into our calculations this year. Image counts a lot, as does the volume of news a company contributes to the Adweek stream. 1 last year, surely turned in another winning performance but fell just behind our pick for the top spot this year, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Because, in our estimation, Zuckerberg proved to have considerably more sway over the daily news cycle—making headlines in regard to advertising, video and more.

To assemble Adweek's second annual Power List, we considered the profiles and results of global corporate titans, taking into account such criteria as company value, revenue and revenue growth, market performance, consumer reach and affinity, their standing among rivals, the number of employees overseen, key acquisitions and partnerships, industry accolades and media buzz.

That’s why I think the work we’re doing together is more important than it has ever been before.”Critics say such rhetoric is actually driven by Zuckerberg’s desire for more visas to be issued to foreign workers.Like last year, this list represents a range of disciplines.You will find agency chieftains, leaders of media and tech giants and CEOs of top brand marketers.Chatbots will increasingly inform customer service and other aspects of the Facebook Messenger experience, letting advertisers more smoothly communicate with audiences and, ultimately, sell them more goods and services.This could be a game changer of epic proportions, letting Facebook and its brand partners bypass the model of the app store in favor of a system that offers greater speed and convenience.

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