Sean bourke and eleanor tomlinson dating

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Promising, exhilarating directorial debut from Barfoot, with heady fight scenes and great, committed performances from the four leads.

After the disappointing 'Bride and Prejudice', writer/director Chadha takes a step into younger territory with this adaptation of two of Louise Rennison's books.

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When Georgia's dad (Alan Davies) gets a great promotion situated in New Zealand, the family faces a crisis - not least in Georgia's eyes when the interior designer who turns up during dad's initial absence seems to be the target of her mum's (Karen Taylor) attentions.

Eleanor Tomlinson was born on May 19, 1992, in London, England.

She first gained notice for her role as Young Sophie within the 2006 feature The actual Illusionist.

Angus, the pug nosed, long haired chocolate brown cat, steals his every scene, whether wearing a cowboy outfit or some spaghetti strands, thanks to Georgia's little sister having dress up fun with him.

As for the other items in the title, thongs are not footwear but skimpy nickers, and perfect snogging is what all young girls aspire to experience as soon as possible.

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