Dating show based in alaska

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Discovery’s “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” plays up the survival and isolation of the Kilcher family on a homestead, she says.But lots of Alaskans know the homestead is a short drive from the town of Homer, she says.But the original idea behind the credit was that it would provide Alaskan jobs, and most of the TV production staff still comes from out of state.In 2013, for example, Alaskans brought home only 15 percent of the wages paid, according to the state.A few big-budget film productions have been lured to Alaska by the tax incentive, including “Big Miracle” with Drew Barrymore and “The Frozen Ground,” a thriller staring Nicolas Cage.

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska might be one of the last places in America where a person can disappear.Because the producers gravitate toward extreme personalities, reality show cast members have semi-regular run-ins with the law, which doesn’t endear them to the locals.A few reality show legal troubles in recent memory: A “Bering Sea Gold” star was arrested in a heroin investigation; cast members of “Alaskan Bush People” were charged with submitting false applications for the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend; and the owner of the gun store featured in “Wild West Alaska” pleaded guilty to hunting violations.It’s the backwoodsy stereotyping, the overblown talk about dangers of animals and wilderness, and the basic inaccuracies about Alaska that turn local people off, she says.A recent episode of MTV’s “Jersey Shore”-esque show “Slednecks,” about rowdy young people in Wasilla, for example, was filmed at two different times of year but edited to seem like it wasn’t.

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