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Ranvir tells RD and Cherry that his plan is to steal the Shroud of Turin.

He will steal the Shroud himself, but will tell Armaan that someone else will do it, and sell it to him for €15 billion, which is a fraction of the Shroud's true value.

Ranvir then plans to steal both the Shroud and Armaan's €15 billion.

However, RD, who is deathly afraid of Armaan, betrays Ranvir and tells Armaan the whole plan.

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Now, unable to return Armaan's money, Thapar is forced to give Armaan control of five casinos that he owns in Istanbul, Turkey.

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After Ranvir drinks his glass clean during the celebration Armaan reveals that Alina mixed poison in Ranvir's glass.

Some time afterwards, a robbery takes place and European printing plates are stolen.

Ranvir Singh (Saif Ali Khan) watches this news on TV and smiles.

As Ranvir slowly dies, Armaan reveals that thanks to RD he knew Ranvir's plan the whole time and he was controlling the race the entire time.

Alina reveals that she was never on his side because of her blood relationship with Armaan.

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