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100% of the food donated benefits local animal shelters throughout Food Citys market area.

Our local animal shelters are dedicated to providing rescue, rehabilitation and adoptive placement for abused and abandoned animals.

The Memorial would be erected near the Old West La Follette School.

Funds for the memorial are being raised by the La Follette High School Alumni and are requesting permission only from the city to use the site.

His attorney, Michael Clement, cried foul at the discrepancy in Crawfords bail and that of his co-defendant, Hale.

Hale, the mother of the alleged victim, faces aggravated child abuse and neglect in a child under eight years of age and three counts of neglect of a child under eight years of age. In court, Clement, who presented no proof to validate his reduction request, said the proof would show his client was of low intelligence with his IQ being in the 60s range.

The last piece of evidence Effler said he would show to the jury was picture of Leach- a picture of the young woman smiling.And that is winning seasons and developing players. Campbell posted 8 wins, made it to a school-record fifth-straight playoffs, and landed more players on the All-Region First Team.Cougars Zach Rutherford, Offensive Player of the Year, Elijah Phillips, the Tight End of the Year, and Shawn Marcum, the Wide Receiver of the Year, led the way during Honors Week.The WLAF B & M Tires Sports Network, with Les Martin and Brent Allen behind the mics, brings you all the coverage beginning on Friday, August 17, 2018, over AM 1450 and FM 100.9 on radio and the telecast on On Monday, wearing a green jail issued outfit and shackled at his hands, feet and waist, Chesney agreed that he was guilty of vehicular homicide.He was given 15 years as a Range II offender and lost his drivers license for eight years.

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