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In cases of sexually transmitted HSV, people are more at risk when they participate in risky sexual behavior without the use of protection, such as condoms.

Other risk factors for HSV-2 include: If a pregnant woman is having an outbreak of genital herpes at the time of childbirth, it can expose the baby to both types of HSV, and may put them at risk for serious complications.

Even if it does not manifest symptoms, the virus will continue to live in an infected person’s nerve cells. Others will only experience one outbreak after they have been infected and then the virus may become dormant.

Even if a virus is dormant, certain stimuli can trigger an outbreak.

Learn more: Serum herpes simplex antibodies test » There is currently no cure for this virus.

Treatment focuses on getting rid of sores and limiting outbreaks.

Anywhere from 30 to 95 percent of adults are seropositive for HSV-1, though they may never experience an outbreak.For severe outbreaks, these medications may also be administered by injection.People who become infected with HSV will have the virus for the rest of their lives.It’s also possible to get genital herpes from HSV-1 if someone who performed oral sex had cold sores during that time.HSV-2 is contracted through forms of sexual contact with a person who has HSV-2.

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