Best open source dating website

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Normally, this type of software contains the following components: They are often used to create hubs or networks based around a topic or common interest or within organizations as a means of encouraging social interaction.The following is a list of Social Network Platforms / Social Network Software is maintained regularly.Social GO offers you a 14-day free trial that you can use to test out their software.You can use it to create a website with some pretty sweet social integrations and it’s a great product all around. CMS Critic is one of the top resources on the web for unbiased, honest reviews.Key features include the intuitive WYSIWYG GUI, smart features for multilingual sites and the easy adaptation to individual requirements.Elgg is a free and open source social network software that has been around for many years.

To learn how to contribute or work with us, drop us a line.Dolphin is a good looking system with a ton of options and definitely one of my favorites.You can experience a full demo of it on their site and sign up / take part in their burgeoning online community.Built from the ground up for social, Ning’s scalable hosted social network platform gives you the tools and expertise you need to publish and connect with your community – all in one place. Evoq Engage, formerly known as Evoq Social, is a customer engagement platform that includes CMS capabilities.Evoq Engage includes DNN's CMS, Evoq Content and adds numerous features to keep visitors engaged: discussions, ideas, blogs and answers, along with advocate marketing and gaming mechanics.

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