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In Japan, Warner met Gudo Nishijima Roshi, who gave him dharma transmission in 1999.

While studying under Nishijima Roshi, Warner began his blog and published his first book, Hardcore Zen.

And the web page had been up for about a year, and I hadn’t managed to get the novel published, and I wanted to do something else.

He’s also a bassist for the punk rock band 0DFx and appears in the independent film Shoplifting from American Apparel, produced by Sangha Films.

Tricycle’s Philip Ryan got a taste of Warner’s maverick approach to Buddhism when they spoke in July 2011.

Whether you agree with Warner or disagree with him or just can’t figure him out, you can rely on him to call things as he sees them. You talk about being a Zen teacher, not as a profession, but as someone with experience who tells you what they know. It’s pretentious to start likening it to art, but if somebody has been painting for 50 years, and they understand a thing or two about how to make a picture look a certain way, they can convey that to you, and you can absorb that and use it.

But the picture that you draw is going to be different, because you’re a different person.

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