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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. a strong metal Hi uuu-Bi g„j^ lo which Bieom i* pro which a liquid la healed. to totl floor; hence, to examine with care; smarale: r.l. SSST" bond a' ■ d by a chains, fetlers; Imprl BODraimt; capttvl^: e.f. taut luvlng no brie wmliinc remnb Ung ™0b a hesd-w ' — tmdt Ds; ^*hi#w M* sodetr; bflfbt of IKMIUH Hint gi Tm.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. bog- gjn gj, t o dak or mbinciite In a marah or tos^1r C^'^- "• ■ bobgoblln; a specter; -B^ a biutbe M; a fotnvwhe Plfd blood bolfed: point; causa to bubb bo Uliig bguid : n, anlnflamed. to eboot forth or ^11 stiddenly: to depart with sudden- ness: toslart and run away: In United States po Uocs. to put (dut Ja Ue goods) Into a warehouse, the ducla remaining unpaid till the goods are taken out, but security being given for their paymeot: to place under a mart«BBs: odj- In a itat« of serrllude or slavery: c^i- tlve; as, "whether he be fiend or tree. the act Of se a i l Ba Dona-age sgaii Mt oim-b *ui: m^y^, whether physical or moml; Inprlsoniiiait. or p»ld, over »od tbo TB what Is nrtctb' due, a kctua Uy pay- - -"luonkl parmenc nude to tiie OW-Oy low; In ■ gune.

These include the great figures of the past as well as those living to-day. absorb «'•-*"■'|.a«o« tl DM or o Uce or hol^- ■- ^- oot bdoaclns to a axleir gr '- •4. obfact, _ ,_, J tortny offl CB or emplojinait, as a co Uracnr or putner: oooiwctod br habit, fuicuon.

The World War stimulated interest in the places where the fighting was at its fiercest, and pains have been taken to include as many of these as space would permit.

The publiahers placed in the hands of the editors as a basis for their work, a dictionary aomewhat larger than the present volume, and very similar to the dictionaries in general use.

Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Il u orl Ktnal woric Bnd_li fully protected bj ID oir ^e publlabcn. The Winston Simplified Dicticpnary bus been made to meet a distmct Deed felt by many teachers.

In the Dictionary of Names and Places will be found listed the more important cities, countries, lakes, rivers, seas, and mountains of the world, as well as the outstanding characters in history. tbo KCt or a S-SUT-ail Ce ium of bcl« tan-, certain eipeo ULllo D: a pledso: oonfl Biim; ccr Uin proof; dear evidence; Mlf-twaae Miao; Mr- n Uancfl; couiue: Impadeoce; a deed or othar lenal er Menc B of Iha ooareiwioe of a^ Hmse of the tnosl Uve and •"■** Intransltl Te verb sol.

Men and women whose names stand for achievement in art, literature, science, politics, philan- thropy and the varied branches of human activity are mentioned. gz is used to indicate x, as ii liw is used to indicate wh, ai . cfalm, ainicat as-sump-tioii i J iissi-ws^' ii^r-o St aetf; the act of laldnc ftir Bnatcd; Qw thtac nippo Hd: the Utldnc of » pwaoo to i Mkve Bi ■ v«rbal or miiealed contract: arroca Dce; ■uppoeltloii: a dbpodtlon (o Cta Jin more tha A la (KW^ doe. a*a liar (^'t C-lyi'), n, a Workshop: a -le-Uer.tudja.

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