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The New Year’s Day parade is a 118 year, unique Philadelphia tradition that is pure fun, enjoyment, and folk art, has withstood the test of time because of the strength of the diverse communities the mummers represent.All Mummers leadership has received special training on appropriate satire.I do not wear make up or wigs - just like the feel of nylon on my skin. Looking for guy between 22-32, of any nationality who is similar to myself, who is looking for genuine pe…

The Mummers may get the spotlight on New Year’s Day, but December belongs to the man in red. 1 Holiday Parade by USA Today’s Reader’s Choice 2017.

Read The Full Story »According to the Mummers Museum, the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia is the oldest continuous folk parade in the United States.

And although we traditionally associate Mummers as having their roots in the neighborhoods of South Philadelphia, there continues to be a large contingent of Mummers right here in Chester County, thanks to Bud Emig of Phoenixville.

Nine clubs have already secured sleeve sponsorship for the forthcoming season, including Manchester City and Chelsea, although Tinder did not confirm that they were in talks about that specifically.

“We are in talks with Manchester United to explore potential partnership opportunities.

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