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That there's some magical date by which everything becomes clear.

Indeed, sometimes, when I'm feeling ridiculous, I like to imagine this conversation in the guidance counselor's office: "Well, Paul, let's see: You just became a teenager and you're pretty sure you only like members of the opposite sex, right?

Still, POF costs nothing to use, and it offers highly detailed personality assessment test results that may help you better understand how you function within a relationship.

The free, ad-supported online dating site (with a few premium add-ons) features awful design, intrusive ads, usability issues, and a certain class of clientele that were only good for a few chuckles.

It may take years for them to come to an understanding regarding their sexual preference." Again, however: Who says? Sure, the website seems legit enough, but I want to know just how educated this opinion is - and it doesn't tell me anywhere.

That bothers me, even though the author acknowledges self-discovery can begin anywhere "from childhood through puberty." Let me say here it's not that I don't believe what so many of my friends have told me over the years: "I guess I always knew." Certainly, I don't intend to imply they did not. The problem with that answer is that many people realize they "always knew" something only with the benefit of hindsight.

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The problem is, even many of those articles are really just a collection of anecdotes.

For one thing, they back up every person I've ever talked to on this subject.

Whether someone feels like they've always known or didn't know it for a long time, these numbers work.

You cannot, however, save your progress as you go, which means that you must complete a test in one sitting. User Profiles and Bad Web Design Even if you manage to endure answering a hundred questions in one sitting, you may become frustrated with Plenty of Fish's awful design.

That makes answering the queries a massive chore as some sections contain close to 100 questions. There were two instances when POF didn't take my questions due to my session timing out. POF's website is difficult and confusing to navigate; it's the exact opposite of e Harmony'speople, not the person you're interested in checking out. And you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen to favorite a profile—that's not a very user-friendly design, especially for the person looking to quickly favorite people to contact later.

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