Dating a younger guy in high school

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You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. Today I talked to him, but we're still not really friends yet.You have to shake the nervous jitters off, and talk to him like you would a friend.But every now and then, a pioneering senior girl will go after a younger, in demand guy, and cause a stir on the high school social scene. They’d walk across campus, holding hands, and literally people would stop what they were doing and watch, as though a strange and dangerous animal had suddenly found it’s way onto the property. We’ve all heard of cougars, but what does this qualify as?

You're even thinking about it now, aren't you? And finally—because men date younger women all the time.

Someday I hope to be like her, sitting pretty in a lawn chair, posing with a poolside Adonis with perfect hip-bone indentations. Now, we've debated a lot about older versus younger guys—we've talked about which you prefer, and Erin's said that she'd rather date a man than raise a man—but I'd like to make the following arguments for going favorite TV show (the Military Channel? ) at four in the morning when I'm dog-tired—yeah, I can be a wuss.

So sue me—I can't help it if I'm attracted to younger men. But when I'm with a younger mate, I take on more of the pants-wearing duties. If you're not sure what constitutes cradle-robbing, try this formula I found on ([your age] x .5 7= [guy's age]) and tell me your number!

I don't really know him because I just met him, but he seems nice.

I'm pretty sure he's just being polite and mature for his age.

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