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4) Take the plunge into a bigger role but smaller company.

Sometimes it works and you can develop a seperate career track, but this is risky as moving down to smaller companies is easier than going back o&g major. And the fact they are hiring means it's doing pretty well in this current low crude price environment ...

I have no idea where this comes from or how to stop it from showing when I'm managing/editing my styles. The file I'm trying to clean up is a mess in terms of styles, and I know that's probably part of the problem, but I can't understand why this one style nuance persists and why I can't get rid of it.

I tried to find out how to create it into one of my files but, I could not see any option that would allow me to do that.

I'm helping somebody clean up a template in Word 2010 and I'm setting the styles in their template and creating headings, etc.

I've noticed though that all of my styles seem to have this default characteristic: "don't adjust space between latin and asian text". jjmclell It appears in the 'Modify Style' window, where it tells you all of the characteristics of the style. I created a style that includes a hanging indent, based on the Normal style which didn't have anything in it related to Asian/Latin text, and when I went to modify it again to add a tab stop, I noticed this characteristic.

But these 2 industries are brutal in culture, fast paced and long hours. 2) If you are already in a tier 2 company, the only way up really is to get in Exxon or Shell.

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