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As the duo establishes bonds with their fellow club members and new friends, her cold personality mellows considerably.

While she still remains nonchalant and serious most of the time, Shiraishi occasionally shows her warmer side towards Ryu, even expressing very reserved signs of jealousy when he is with another girl.

― I might just be the perfect mark for Hideki Kamiya and Capcom's cult classic action-adventure title Okami.

If you dug into my brain, grabbed a random assortment of my favorite things, and put them in a video game, there's a very good ch...

It felt like an unrealistic nod to the original Genshiken's breakout character from the start, and since then, it's wound through so many repetitive turns th...― ANNCast Episode 314 - Games of the Year 2017 2017 was a HUGE year for video games, so we've got a HUGE podcast counting down our Top 5 Games of 2017, featuring Dave and Graziella from Friends from the Internet, Dustin Bailey, formerly of This Week in Games, and Heidi Kem...― Jason asked: Fox had Alita: Battle Angel available at Licensing Expo in Vegas.

Which parts of James Cameron's agreement with manga artist Yukito Kishiro is between him & Kishiro, compared to james cameron's a:ba merch agreement with fox?

Eiichiro Oda's monstrous epic is the highest selling manga of all time, but its absurd length still keeps plenty of peop...― It's a good thing that this is the final book in the “other other world” arc, because while there is technically enough plot to round the volume out, it is feeling a little thin.

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Urara Shiraishi (白石 うらら Shiraishi Urara) is a former witch and one of the major characters in "Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo".

Despite this she was highly respected by her teachers, who saw her as a model student, and would often praise her impeccable academic performance in their classes.

Her icy exterior slowly begins to melt away one fateful day when she falls down the stairs and kisses Ryu Yamada, accidentally swapping bodies with the school's resident delinquent due to her then unidentified witch powers.

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