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For those not aware, “otome gēmu” (pronounced “OH-TOE-MEH”) means “girl game” and is basically a dating simulation in which you play as a female character romancing various available male (and sometimes female) characters.With my curiosity peaked, I searched Android’s mobile store to see what the market was like, as I had also seen games such as before and knew an otome version was in development.If I was going to spend that kind of money, I’d pay for it on the PC and expect music, sound effects, some sort of animation, and probably some voice acting.Verdict: if you aim to play more than one guy, then this is an absolute rip-off.

What I have not discovered yet is if it is possible to get a best ending, or even a good one, naturally and without paying for meter boosts.

I must admit, while playing the former model, I wished for a game where I could just pay to play the whole thingand then I found this! Each storyline costs around £2.50 (£6.00 if you want to buy all four for each guy at once), which doesn’t sound bad, until you realise the game has six male leads, each with a storyline to be purchased.

Now you’re talking £15 for an app game for just their Season 1 stories. On top of this, the side stories each cost as well, increasing the overall cost more and more.

He may be blunt sometimes, but he is generally just quiet and misunderstood.

He doesn’t know how to socialise, so he can come off as cold, distant, and even abrasive.

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